“Jennifer is such a fun and engaging soul, connecting with all in a way that allows her to intimately know her clients. Matchmaking is her natural gift and talent. Jennifer gifted me a wonderful match and I am so thankful.”


-Marisa, 44

After having been with other matchmakers over the years, I was hesitant to join another. Sure, I had some good dates and a few connections over the years, but it was mostly unsatisfying. I never felt listened to, and most of the matches never met my criteria. It sometimes got frustrating. Nevertheless, online dating was hopeless. It seem impersonal and random. I did not want to have anything to do with it. I wanted my own champion, my own personal cupid. Notwithstanding my experience, I made the effort to find the kind of matchmaker I wanted, not really knowing whether they even existed. I spent months researching companies, talking to matchmakers, and hearing the same pitches and reassurances I’d heard before. Really? They all seemed to be reading from the same script. Then, with honestly low expectations, I phoned Jennifer. I knew after our first conversation she was my matchmaker. Still, I made her interview in person and annoyed her (probably) with several more calls. I hired her. No, I’m not married yet, but Jennifer has delivered more quality matches in a few short months than all the others I’ve worked with put together. She is a star. Seriously. She’s the real deal. I can recommend without hesitation and I now feel grateful to also call her my friend. Where am I now with dating? I am happy to report that I am completely captivated by one of her matches and that we are excitedly pursuing a relationship. Jennifer, thank you!